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West Sumatra has different types of areas and attractions, both natural and historical tourism attractions. If your first time to explore Indonesia, at least there are some tourist attractions in West Sumatra who have visited.

The following six attractions in West Sumatra, sorted by most interesting for tourists the Ministry of Culture and Tourism:
Lake Singkarak

Represents the largest lake in West Sumatra with a length of 21 km which lies on the edge of Jalan Raya Padang Panjang, Solok. Around the lake there are several places to rest and relax and are also available from various facilities canoes, boats, and hotels. There are also facilities for around the lake with beautiful scenery.

Lake Maninjau

Lake is quite beautiful and attractive, located approximately 36 km from the city of Bukittinggi, can be reached by passing through a winding road known as the winding 44 (winding-Ampek Ampek). In this lake is no facility for swimming, fishing, bicycle exciting enough water and there are also hotels and homestay is quite representative.

Lake In the Upper and Under

Both lakes are known as Twin Lakes. Both lakes are situated in the village of Simpang Market, District Lembayang Jaya, Kab. Solok, located approximately 47 km from the town of Solok and 56 km from the city of Padang. The uniqueness of the twin lakes is to get to Lake Above, we have to go through a declining path while to get to Lake Below, we have to go through an ascending road. In the vicinity of the lake is planted with a passion fruit taste sweet, vegetables, and potatoes.

Jam Gadang, Big Tower Clock

Clock Tower is a building of high rise tower with magnificent, distinctive Minangkabau roof, situated in the middle of Bukittinggi. Clock Tower a landmark and symbol of the town of Bukittinggi, built on a hill called Mount Enclosure Buffalo at the time of the Dutch Government in 1827 by Contraleur (City Secretary) Rook Maker.
From the top of the tower we can enjoy and see how beautiful nature around the town of Bukittinggi is decorated Mount Merapi, Mount Singgalang, Mount Sago and Sianok canyon. In addition, the Clock Tower is also useful as a guide for local communities to know the time. It is unique in the Clock Tower is the number 4 is written IIII.

Castle De Kock

The fort was built in Pincak in the town of Bukittinggi in 1825 at the time of the popular resistance led by the Tuanku Imam Bonjol and Nan Tiger Salapan against the Dutch. Around the fort is still we can see an ancient cannon period of the nineteenth century AD. Spacious place has been decorated with a garden as a place to watch the height, Sianok canyon and surrounding hills are ancient cannons and building the fort. This is the best place in Bukittinggi watch the Sunset.

Building Tri Arga / Istana Bung Hatta

The building is located in the town of Bukittinggi is the former head an emergency government of the Republic of Indonesia in 1947. This is caused by the Dutch aggression that want to divide our nation. To commemorate the services of Bung Hatta, building Tri Arga replaced with the name of Bung Hatta Palace.


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