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YOGYAKARTA,  indeed deserves to be called Student City. Not only has a great variety of places of education, the city also makes tourism as one means of education.

Taman Pintar Yogyakarta was built a combined private and provincial governments of Yogyakarta. Its construction began in May 2006 and inaugurated on June 9, 2007.

All displays can be seen not only alone, but also can be touched and played visitors. So this clever garden will stimulate curiosity, foster awareness of the importance of science and technology, fishing creativity and increase the passion to learn subjects of basic sciences such as mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology.

taman pintar
Smart Park ( Taman Pintar )

By carrying out the Smart Park seems a simple motto that is the three-N "Niteni, Nirokake, Nambahi", actually has a philosophy of Ki Hajar Dewantara depth. In the present context, the philosophy that there are consequences to the process of technology transfer refers to the concept of three-A of "Adopt, adapt, Advance".

Called Smart Park because of the region's students starting pre-school to high school can freely deepen their understanding about the subject matter is acceptable in schools and recreation.

Approach to delivering science and technology through various media with the aim of increasing appreciation of science and technology. Broadly speaking, the material content of Smart Park is divided according to age groups and an emphasis of matter.

According to age groups are divided over the level of pre-school age up to kindergarten - childhood and primary school to secondary school, while according to the emphasis of matter embodied in the interaction between visitors with content delivered via the existing bridge.
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Nias island, Sumatra, Indonesia
Nias island
Pulau Nias is 125km of the west coast of Sumatra and is the largest island off it's coast. Nias is 130km long and 45km wide, just smaller than Bali.

Legendary for surfing, this island once hosted a World Surfing Championship round. Reports are that the surfing is as good, if not better after the massive earthquake that caused the 2003 Tsunami. It's reported that vast sections of the reef have lifted 1m or more. Various sections which were submerged are now sticking out of the water. The surfing conditions are best between April and October.

The population is estimated to be around 500,000 people on Nias Island. The capital of Nias is Gunung Sitoli. The airport is located 19km from Gunung Sitoli and the sea port is 5km.

As Nias is difficult to get to it was cut off from Sumatra for several centuries, developing it's own distinctive culture. The Niassian people have an interesting history of animism and ancestor worship.  "Rumah adat' - old stone carvings as well as monolithic free standing stones can be found around the central part of Nias island. Some of these date back to over 3000 years old, the oldest found in Indonesia. The village of Holi has an old 'big house' with pyramidal tombs commemerating the great ancestral chiefs.

Off the coast of Nias lie 2 other islands - Pulau Bawa and Pulau Aru. Pulau Bawa is excellent for surfing and can be accessed via the public ferry. It's a 2 hour ferry ride from Nias.

There is no public ferry to Pulau Aru but you can charter a boat from either Nias or Bawa. This island has some great left hand reef breaks.

You can fly or catch a ferry to Nias. Ferries leave from Sibolga and the journey takes 8 to 13 hours depending on the weather. The ferry is run by Pelni which is a government run company. Check out their basic website for the ferry details

Malaria has been reported on Pulau Nias so take precautions if visiting.

Hotels on Nias Island

The majority of the accommodation on Nias is very basic. There are some nice bungalows right on the beach.
  1. Sorake Beach Resort
  2. Sea Breeze Hotel
  3. Risky Hotel
  4. Magdalena Hotel
  5. The Lantana Inn
  6. Olayama Hotel
  7. Sun Beach Hotel

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Barong Dance is the most popular art shows and in demand by tourists in Bali such as Kecak Uluwatu. Not yet complete holiday to Bali, before watching this show-quality art.

Barong dance we're in two places, namely in Kuta and Batubulan. With the availability of these two places will allow you to reach our place.

Barong Dance is a dance danced by two male dancers, one plays the head and front legs barong, and another plays the hind legs and tail. Barong is a form of animal mytologi many kinds, there is a head-shaped head of a lion, tiger, wild boar male (Bangkal), elephant, ox or Keket. Keket by the Balinese considered the king of the jungle is also called by the name of King Banaspati.

This dance is the Pre-Hindu cultural heritage that use tangible stuffed animal with four legs or early humans who have magical powers. Presumably the word comes from the word bahrwang barong or interpreted bear, an animal mythology that has supernatural powers, regarded as a protector. But in Bali Barong in fact not only embodied in the four-legged animals but some are two-legged. Barong mask is made from wood taken from places like the haunted graveyard, therefore Barong is a sacred object which is sanctified by the Hindu community in Bali. This dance show with or without play, always begin with a demonstration of the show accompanied by gamelan different as gamelan gong kebyar, Babarongan gamelan and gamelan Batel.

Website present to allow you to get a ticket in Kuta Barong dance or Batubulan.

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Sanur beach is one of the attractive beaches on the island of Bali. This beach has a length of 3 kilometers with a coastline facing eastward. Sanur beach is famous for its clean white beaches and gentle. In addition, Sanur beach is a rocky beach that has its own advantages.

Compared with the Kuta, Sanur area provides a place to stay that is relatively more expensive but quiet. Compared to Nusa Dua, Sanur offers a slightly cheaper price.

Sanur beach area is an alternative for local and foreign tourists who want to avoid like the feel of the hustle and bustle of Kuta, Legian or Seminyak. In this area of ​​peace and comfort is top priority. For those who like to enjoy the sunrise (sunrise) then Sanur is the perfect place.

Like especially in the area of ​​Nusa Dua, Sanur also has world-class hotels. Here stood Sanur Bali Hyatt, Sanur Beach Hotel, Mercure Resort Sanur Grand Bali Beach has golf courses in the area of ​​his hotel. In addition most of all the star hotels in Sanur certainly has its own beach (private beach) at the rear of the hotel. So world-class life by staying in hotels expensive fare you can still get in the Sanur area.

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Kuta is located in the southern island of Bali, is one of the forerunner to the development of tourism in Bali. This place was once a fishing village with a growing tourism of Bali and Indonesia and Bali in particular, local residents began renting out private homes for rent as a place of lodging.

Now the Kuta has developed into an icon of tourism in Bali or better known as International city because it is a meeting place for tourists from all over the world and also local tourists.

In terms of Kuta facility has complete facilities. Inns or hotels, restaurants, spas and other tourism supporting too many can be here.

Kuta beach is a tourist spot that has been chosen to spend the holidays during in Kuta. Beaches with white sand was chosen as a place to surf sports and also very suitable place to relax while waiting for the beautiful sunset of Kuta beach. Not one of thousands of tourists the beach is always crowded.

Other attractions that can be enjoyed in Kuta including Waterbom Bali, Bali Slingshot or also Bungy Jumping.

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I do not know how many decades in the area of ​​the road there is an inscription which Batutulis thousands of years old relics Tarumanegara kingdom.

Despite its location right edge of the road Batutulis, hard-recognized or distinguished by building shops or houses. In fact, at first glance similar to the village office or other similar government offices. Moreover arguably the area of ​​solid-flow and the traffic so that the driver's eyes will tend to observe the highway, be alert when suddenly there is public transport with a relaxed cut the road or stops suddenly.

Being in a building the size of + / - 5x5 meter, which is lined on the sides of the iron and crop it, practically this location did not attract attention or imply any special objects in them. Tourist boards mounted parallel to the road so hard to read unless it is absolutely right in front of the road.

Inscription Batutulis is indeed a historical part of Bogor city. Located in the Village Batutulis, South Bogor sub-district, Bogor Municipality, formerly the location of these thousands of years ago was a quiet place, quiet and foggy.

Even for local residents as a place to nest tiger believed that then grow a fantasy of the relationship between the kingdom Pajajaran who vanished with a tiger. Scipio, a Dutch expedition who were assigned to open inland jakarta, describe how they respect and this khimat (indigenous people in the group expedition), facing the site until they dare to forbid Batutulis Scipio who is boss set foot into it because he is not Muslim, it was obvious they consider it "sacred", because there, they say, lies Pajajaran throne or the king's throne. With confidence like that, if by the time they first discovered the place and saw a tiger or some tail out of it, they will not regard it as an ordinary animal

According to historical records, the stele was built in 1533 by King Surawisesa, as a memorial to his father, King Siliwangi, King Pajajaran. Siliwangi King reigned from 1482 to 1521. Mandraguna powerful king crowned with the title of King of the Gods Master Pranic, then the title Sri Ratu Maharaja Baduga Pakuan Pajajaran Sri Haji at the Queen of the Gods.

In the complex there are 15 heritage terasit shaped, stone found along the River Cisadane. There are six stones in the cupola, one outside terrace cupola, two on the porch and six in the yard. One branded footwear stone, a stone stamped knee, and a large stone that contains a wide Pallawa and Sanskrit writings.

Batutulis inscription was made by King Surawisesa as penyelasannya form because he was unable to maintain the territorial integrity of the Pakuan Pajajaran him, as a result lost the war with the kingdom of Cirebon.

Pakuan-Pajajaran War lasted for 5 years. Supported Cirebon Demak kingdom defeated the kingdom of Demak cannon Pakuan after troops arrived to help just as the forces of Cirebon start pushed back. Laskar Galuh (Pakuan) helpless against the "big iron arrows, belching steam ireng, sounded like thunder and spewed hot metal". Spears and arrows so that they are paralyzed by a cannon fell Galuh followed two years later with the fall of the kingdom also Talaga, the last bastion of royal Galuh.

Next to the inscription there is a long stone and round the same height as the stone inscription. Long and rounded stones (stone phallus) This figure represents Baduga Sri Maharaja while representing the figure of the inscription itself Surawisesa. The positioning of the stones were arranged so that the position of the child with the father so readily apparent. The child wants what is commended on his father could easily be known (read) people: but he did not dare to stand next to the father. Thus it is placed slightly rearward Batutulis left beside the stone phallus.

Surawisesa not display his name in the inscription. He just put two stones in front of the stele. One contained traces of hand carving astatala and the other containing padatala, carvings of footprints. Perhaps the installation of slate with a ceremony that coincided with srada the "consummation soul" who carried out after 12 years of a king died. With the ceremony soul of the deceased is considered to have loose relationship with the material world.

In other words, the inscription is a testament to the respect Batutulis a son against his father, and is something that needs to be exemplified by the present generation and future.
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The wind blows breezy in Agam regency. Too cool to touch the body with great tenderness. Meanwhile, the natural beauty of the more felt when the splendor of the mountain that lay rigid in the district capital of Lubuk this cone, full of charm lay. As a region which lies in a strategic position in the region of West Sumatra province, many of storing a variety of potential natural and cultural beauty, Natural and freshly, as well as arts and cultural activities are unique and interesting is one that can be proud of let alone supported by a community culture that now Agam friendly-friendly.

Supporting tourism in Agam District in addition to its natural beauty not found to be forgotten are the memories that are included, crafts people and the various groups that are traditional crafts are still using good hand made handmade woven embroidery, needlepoint, blacksmiths, silver, gold trim and beauty is not playing a hereditary done by the village children.

Overall attractions are within easy reach to transport network traffic, so the way a tourist destination you will find its natural condition, (mountains, hills, valleys, plains and lakes and beaches), supported also by land use that can create so many panoramas nature is very beautiful and very easily found and visible from the main highway is impassable.

Currently, the attraction most visited domestic and foreign tourists Puncak Lawang is located above the height of  ± 1210 m above sea level. In the Dutch colonial era. Puncak Lawang is used as a resting place for the Dutch nobility at that time. From here we can enjoy the area of ​​Lake Maninjau and Ocean Indonesia.

And due to its place above the altitude and the scenery is so spectacular, so this time Lawang Peak area was developed as a location for Take Off Sports paragliding Aerospace (Paragliding). While floating freely in the air and landed on Bayur ahead, the banks of Lake Maninjau, from the air we can enjoy the beauty of Lake Maninjau second to none in this world.

For those who love a challenge and cross country can walk down the slope toward Lake Maninjau or through the protected forest to the object or the Dew Tour back to the hotel. And the journey we travel less complete if it did not try to enjoy the beauty of Lake Maninjau from the air by using Fly Tandem paragliding flight with a reliable local pilot and trained.

Not far from Puncak Lawang, you can also enjoy the beautiful panorama of the Morning Dew. Here, as the name suggests, it was always like we were in the morning. Cool and comfortable. Morning Dew attractions, located not far from the attractions of the lake Maninjau and also are at an altitude of about  ± 1000 M above sea level, and gives you the freedom to cast a view to enjoy the beauty of its surroundings.

From Dew this morning, when you go down to Lake Maninjau by private vehicle or public bus, then you will pass through the region Curved Ampek Puluah Ampek. Towards reached the bottom, you will find a wide assortment of souvenirs such as hats of woven pandanus bags, kampia, collection necklaces, bracelets of bone, and ivy gourd fruit that can be used as medicinal as well as snacks.

The area is named Curved Ampek Puluah Ampek, bend 44 in Indonesian language, because before we arrive at Lake Maninjau, we will go through sharp turns as much as 44 times. At each corner is sharp, it is always marked how many corners we passed, and all the twists it amounted to 44 pieces.

Once you reach the bottom, then you will be greeted by a junction. When you turn left, then you can go visit the birth house in Sungai Batang Buya Hamka, precisely in Kampung Pauh Muaro. In a simple house that's 1908 or 1325 Hijri Hamka born. Now the historic building that has been placed as a house museum Buya Hamka birth. When you turn right, you can go to Lubuk cone, Agam regency capital.

In addition to the attractions above, do not complete it if you do not visit a pond that has water with three flavors, namely sweet, sour and bitter. This tourist spot known as the Water Tigo Raso. Raso Tigo water pool which is located in the city this Malintang, believed by local people to have supernatural powers. Community believe that the water can cure various skin diseases. And the main, the water is believed to keep you young. If you have a desire to stay young, it never hurts to try.

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Gadang House, Padang
The city of Padang as the capital of West Sumatra was one of the oldest cities on the west coast of the Indian Ocean.

When viewed from history, turned out to be a day older than the city of Padang on the day of Independence of Republic of Indonesia, Padang anniversary set by the government on August 7, 1669. This determination in accordance with the raid a heroic moment by the fighters to Loji (armory) in Muara Padang Netherlands when it was destroyed in the fire until Loji.
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