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JAKARTA Attractions Eagles enliven Ragunan Wildlife Park (TMR) at the end of a long weekend this time.

Thousands of visitor attractions antuasias witnessed by a large circle in front of TMR Information Center.

 Attractions begins a Bondol Eagles are flying here and there to show kegagahannya in front of thousands of visitors. Even if allowed to fly away, Eagles of Borneo, named Simbad and the Bandit is back to his keeper's hand. This attraction gets applause from the visitors who witnessed.

In addition Bondol Eagle, White Belly Sea Eagle action is equally lively. However, after doing action a few times, the Eagles are reluctant to return to the handler, and select the visit in a tree. Suddenly visitors cheered the action.

"brother and sister, as well as human bird you know, if the hot weather too lazy bird chose a cool," said the host of the show in front of the visitor attractions.

In addition to wildlife attractions, the committee door price TMR also distributed to visitors who can answer questions about the origin of species.

According to TMR spokesman, Bambang Wahyudi Prihantoro, these attractions in order to enliven the long holiday visitors. This is because very tangy enthusiastic visitors. In addition, this attraction is a routine activity.

"enliven the long holiday, and this is a routine event, enthusiast quite high," said Bambang.

Bambang added that this event has been publicized through mass media and information center TMR since a few days ago.

Until this afternoon, said Bambang, visitors TMR has reached 30,000. According to him, until this afternoon when the weather is sunny certainly could reach 50,000.

"9918 visitors Saturday, Sunday and Monday reached 31 739 13 055, today reaches 30,000 visitors," said Bambang.


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