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Selok Mount
Selok are other places in Cilacap, Indonesia. which for some people a pleasant place to spend the holidays. Selok also provides three locations that can be enjoyed. Farms, mountains and coastal areas.
This region is dealing directly with the Indonesian Ocean, so the beach ramps. Waves which malignant characterizes the coastal area, along the south coast of Java.

The fishermen have forgotten the tsunami, two years ago, which wiped out their homes. Now they fight hard against the fierce waves of the south coast, to support his family.
They put a net down to the sea and is usually done alone. Very dangerous, not least because their friends have died, swallowed by the fierce waves of the south coast. They rarely use the boat and catch fish with a tradition that has been handed down. 

Landscape change when entering the hills. Nine caves are located around the hill area, replacing the mystical beauty of nature with a thick atmosphere. 

Many people 
sacred right to this cave and the Cave of the Dragon King, Rahayu, Queen, and Pakuaja, is considered the most sacred. Not a few people who come on pilgrimage, to seek blessings and salvation. Cave is what makes Mount Selok fame as a sacred mountain. 

Pilgrims who come even from outside Cilacap. And among them, not a few high educational background and also held important positions in government. 

To reach the cave on Mount Selok can not use motor vehicles. In addition to rivers and swamps, the narrowness of the road so that the location must walk. This cave is named the Dragon King, one of the sacred cave. 

Dragon King is the cave of the most sacred and visited by many pilgrims. Apart from pilgrims, this cave is also a comfortable place for thousands of bats.
Anyone who wants to enter the cave, should be associated with Waris. He was the caretaker, who knows the ins and outs of this cave. 

The mushrooming of traders at the mouth of the cave, indicating cave visited by many pilgrims Dragon King. This cave is formed naturally. The length of more than 200 meters and the further into the increasingly narrow making it difficult to reach. In addition, this cave also branched out and could mislead those who first arrived.
Usually on certain days, like Tuesday and Friday Kliwon Shura or months, flooding the cave shrine this. There was even a politician or an artist who came to seek blessings. 

Already long ago, Mount Selok be region mystery that invites everyone to find happiness and peace of life.


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