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YOGYAKARTA,  indeed deserves to be called Student City. Not only has a great variety of places of education, the city also makes tourism as one means of education.

Taman Pintar Yogyakarta was built a combined private and provincial governments of Yogyakarta. Its construction began in May 2006 and inaugurated on June 9, 2007.

All displays can be seen not only alone, but also can be touched and played visitors. So this clever garden will stimulate curiosity, foster awareness of the importance of science and technology, fishing creativity and increase the passion to learn subjects of basic sciences such as mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology.

taman pintar
Smart Park ( Taman Pintar )

By carrying out the Smart Park seems a simple motto that is the three-N "Niteni, Nirokake, Nambahi", actually has a philosophy of Ki Hajar Dewantara depth. In the present context, the philosophy that there are consequences to the process of technology transfer refers to the concept of three-A of "Adopt, adapt, Advance".

Called Smart Park because of the region's students starting pre-school to high school can freely deepen their understanding about the subject matter is acceptable in schools and recreation.

Approach to delivering science and technology through various media with the aim of increasing appreciation of science and technology. Broadly speaking, the material content of Smart Park is divided according to age groups and an emphasis of matter.

According to age groups are divided over the level of pre-school age up to kindergarten - childhood and primary school to secondary school, while according to the emphasis of matter embodied in the interaction between visitors with content delivered via the existing bridge.


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