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The wind blows breezy in Agam regency. Too cool to touch the body with great tenderness. Meanwhile, the natural beauty of the more felt when the splendor of the mountain that lay rigid in the district capital of Lubuk this cone, full of charm lay. As a region which lies in a strategic position in the region of West Sumatra province, many of storing a variety of potential natural and cultural beauty, Natural and freshly, as well as arts and cultural activities are unique and interesting is one that can be proud of let alone supported by a community culture that now Agam friendly-friendly.

Supporting tourism in Agam District in addition to its natural beauty not found to be forgotten are the memories that are included, crafts people and the various groups that are traditional crafts are still using good hand made handmade woven embroidery, needlepoint, blacksmiths, silver, gold trim and beauty is not playing a hereditary done by the village children.

Overall attractions are within easy reach to transport network traffic, so the way a tourist destination you will find its natural condition, (mountains, hills, valleys, plains and lakes and beaches), supported also by land use that can create so many panoramas nature is very beautiful and very easily found and visible from the main highway is impassable.

Currently, the attraction most visited domestic and foreign tourists Puncak Lawang is located above the height of  ± 1210 m above sea level. In the Dutch colonial era. Puncak Lawang is used as a resting place for the Dutch nobility at that time. From here we can enjoy the area of ​​Lake Maninjau and Ocean Indonesia.

And due to its place above the altitude and the scenery is so spectacular, so this time Lawang Peak area was developed as a location for Take Off Sports paragliding Aerospace (Paragliding). While floating freely in the air and landed on Bayur ahead, the banks of Lake Maninjau, from the air we can enjoy the beauty of Lake Maninjau second to none in this world.

For those who love a challenge and cross country can walk down the slope toward Lake Maninjau or through the protected forest to the object or the Dew Tour back to the hotel. And the journey we travel less complete if it did not try to enjoy the beauty of Lake Maninjau from the air by using Fly Tandem paragliding flight with a reliable local pilot and trained.

Not far from Puncak Lawang, you can also enjoy the beautiful panorama of the Morning Dew. Here, as the name suggests, it was always like we were in the morning. Cool and comfortable. Morning Dew attractions, located not far from the attractions of the lake Maninjau and also are at an altitude of about  ± 1000 M above sea level, and gives you the freedom to cast a view to enjoy the beauty of its surroundings.

From Dew this morning, when you go down to Lake Maninjau by private vehicle or public bus, then you will pass through the region Curved Ampek Puluah Ampek. Towards reached the bottom, you will find a wide assortment of souvenirs such as hats of woven pandanus bags, kampia, collection necklaces, bracelets of bone, and ivy gourd fruit that can be used as medicinal as well as snacks.

The area is named Curved Ampek Puluah Ampek, bend 44 in Indonesian language, because before we arrive at Lake Maninjau, we will go through sharp turns as much as 44 times. At each corner is sharp, it is always marked how many corners we passed, and all the twists it amounted to 44 pieces.

Once you reach the bottom, then you will be greeted by a junction. When you turn left, then you can go visit the birth house in Sungai Batang Buya Hamka, precisely in Kampung Pauh Muaro. In a simple house that's 1908 or 1325 Hijri Hamka born. Now the historic building that has been placed as a house museum Buya Hamka birth. When you turn right, you can go to Lubuk cone, Agam regency capital.

In addition to the attractions above, do not complete it if you do not visit a pond that has water with three flavors, namely sweet, sour and bitter. This tourist spot known as the Water Tigo Raso. Raso Tigo water pool which is located in the city this Malintang, believed by local people to have supernatural powers. Community believe that the water can cure various skin diseases. And the main, the water is believed to keep you young. If you have a desire to stay young, it never hurts to try.


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