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Barong Dance is the most popular art shows and in demand by tourists in Bali such as Kecak Uluwatu. Not yet complete holiday to Bali, before watching this show-quality art.

Barong dance we're in two places, namely in Kuta and Batubulan. With the availability of these two places will allow you to reach our place.

Barong Dance is a dance danced by two male dancers, one plays the head and front legs barong, and another plays the hind legs and tail. Barong is a form of animal mytologi many kinds, there is a head-shaped head of a lion, tiger, wild boar male (Bangkal), elephant, ox or Keket. Keket by the Balinese considered the king of the jungle is also called by the name of King Banaspati.

This dance is the Pre-Hindu cultural heritage that use tangible stuffed animal with four legs or early humans who have magical powers. Presumably the word comes from the word bahrwang barong or interpreted bear, an animal mythology that has supernatural powers, regarded as a protector. But in Bali Barong in fact not only embodied in the four-legged animals but some are two-legged. Barong mask is made from wood taken from places like the haunted graveyard, therefore Barong is a sacred object which is sanctified by the Hindu community in Bali. This dance show with or without play, always begin with a demonstration of the show accompanied by gamelan different as gamelan gong kebyar, Babarongan gamelan and gamelan Batel.

Website present to allow you to get a ticket in Kuta Barong dance or Batubulan.


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